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Dan's DNA creates artwork out of DNA sequences. Click on the images below to find out more about each artwork, including the science and inspiration behind each one. You can learn more about the original SangerArt method and how it came about below.



DNA sequences have information encoded within them. For example, all 3 billion letters of the human genome contain the instructions for making a human. Every human genome is different and hence every person is different to everyone else. The same applies for every other living thing on the planet.

How to visualise the information in DNA sequence is not so easy. Particular parts of the human genome, for example the 20,000 or so human protein coding genes, are very important for certain bodily functions or controlling the way we look. There are also particular sequences that cause or increase the risk of diseases.

When I realised that I could make large Sanger DNA sequencing chromatograms to any DNA sequence I had the idea of embedding images into them. This is how SangerArt started. SangerArt is a way of visualising the information encoded within DNA sequences or capturing important or meaningful aspects of the DNA sequence in an artistic way. When images and sequence are combined together in the SangerArtwork meaningful information about the DNA sequence can be visualised. 

All of the publically available SangerArtworks I have made can be seen here. By clicking on one of the images, or going through the ART tab menu, you will find more information about the artworks and the science, stories and inspiration behind each one.

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Most of the SangerArt I create is made up of over 8000 bases of DNA sequence. These artworks are designed to be viewed both close up, to see the DNA sequence, and far away, to see the image. Hence they should be printed at a size of around 22 x 22 in or 55 x 55 cm to get the best effect. However, they can still look good printed smaller than this.

Most of these artworks are available to purchase through my Society6 store or Redbubble store.

I can also make commissioned SangerArtworks. So if there is a DNA sequence that is very personal to you, a colleague, a friend or a loved one and you have an idea for a SangerArtwork then please read more about how to get one here.

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