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Christmas Tree Gene

These 2 designs are called the "Christmas Tree Gene" for obvious reasons. They are made of DNA that when sequenced using the Sanger method just so happen to look like Christmas Trees!😉 There is also a short protein coding region within the bottom row of sequence that when translated using the genetic code spells out "Merry Christmas*" in single letter amino acid code just like the Sangerism style designs I also make.

They are available to buy as Christmas cards or printed on a number of other things from

The artwork is smaller than the original SangerArtworks I created. It is made up of only 900 bases of Sanger DNA sequence chromatogram with the image of a Christmas Tree made out of the coloured sequence peaks. There are 9 rows of sequence at 100 bases across, designed to be printed as an artwork at a size of around 8x8 in or 20x20 cm, although also looks good as a smaller Christmas Card.

It is available in a number of different formats from Redbubble using the link below.

Redbubble (white)

Redbubble (black)

Xmas Tree_white_1000px.jpg
Xmas Tree_black_1000px.jpg
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