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Where can I get a Dan's DNA designed product or artwork?


Dan's DNA designs and artworks are available printed on a wide variety of things from either Spreadshirt or Society6.

You can either browse through the Dan's DNA shops at Spreadshirt, Society6 or Redbubble using the links below or link out from individual designs through the DESIGN tab or individual artworks through the ART tab.

Spreadshirt logo.jpg
society6 logo.png

How can I get a custom Dan's DNA Design or Artwork?

Dan's DNA offers 4 main options if you would like a custom design, artwork or educational materials. Click on the links below to find out more and use the CONTACT form to request one.

Custom Sangerism Design

Custom Gene-Specific Design

Custom SangerArt

Custom Educational materials

T-shirt_Sanger codon circle.png
Blue eye colour variant
T-shirt_Lost in translation.png
The Peppy Scientist.jpg
HFE C282Y.jpg

You will notice that Spreadshirt has two main sites. One is based in the USA and services North America and Oceania. If you order through this site products will be printed in the USA and shipped from there. The other Spreadshirt site is based in Germany and services European countries. If you order through this site products will be printed in Germany and shipped from there. Spreadshirt will also ship to other parts of the world - you will just have to decide which site to order through if you live somewhere else.

Society6 is based in the USA and products will be printed and shipped from there to wherever you are.

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