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Neanderthal is in my DNA


Recent advances in ancient DNA sequencing have shown that contrary to previous thinking most modern humans have some DNA inherited from homo neanderthalensis. This indicates that our ancient ancestors did interbreed with neanderthals and have children together. The evidence of these liaisons in still in our DNA today. Hence the slogan "Neanderthal is in my DNA". 

This Sangerism design has “NEANDERTHAL” encoded in single-letter amino acid code by the Sanger DNA sequence chromatogram. It features the image of a neanderthal man - a life-like model from the Neanderthal Museum in Mettman, Germany. The original photograph was taken by Erich Ferdinand.

You can purchase this design from Spreadshirt using the links below.

Spreadshirt (N. America, Australia)

Spreadshirt (Europe)

Neanderthal is in my DNA v4_square.jpg
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