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Sanger Codon Circle (dark background)

The most popular Dan's DNA design is now available for printing on dark backgrounds. The guanine (G) peaks and letters are now in yellow with other text and lines in white.


Sanger Codon Circle is the genetic code table in circular format. You read the triplet codons from the inside to the outside of the circle to find the amino acids that they code for. It is topped off with a circular Sanger sequence chromatogram containing all 64 triplet codons for a total of 192 bases of sequence.

Move aside "Periodic Table", Sanger Codon Circle is the new thing in town for all you budding science enthusiasts!!

You can purchase this design from both Spreadshirt or Society6 using the links below.

Spreadshirt (N. America, Australia)

Spreadshirt (Europe)



Sanger codon circle_black bg_400px.jpg
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