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Education is where Dan's DNA all started. It started with the production of "synthetic" Sanger DNA sequencing chromatograms that were used in the  teaching of DNA sequencing.

The first chromatograms I produced were to a small section of the haemoglobin B (HBB) gene that contains the site of the sickle cell anaemia mutation. The students had learned about the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) - another amazing molecular technique that allows you to amplify millions of copies of a particular DNA sequence from a small amount of starting material. They had learned how to do PCRs in the lab and had used this technique to look for the sickle cell mutation in the HBB gene.

I then gave the students synthetic sequencing chromatograms that corresponded to the PCRs they had done in the lab. The sequences were either normal, heterozygous or homozygous for the sickle cell mutation. I also included sequences that contained the mutations for other HBB related diseases, including other haemoglobinopathies and beta-thalassaemia.

If you teach in the area of molecular biology and DNA sequencing you might find the use of Dan's DNA synthetic DNA sequencing chromatograms useful in your teaching practise. These chromatograms can be used in teaching materials, such as lecture slides, practical documents, quizzes and examinations.

You can purchase synthetic Sanger DNA sequencing chromatograms to any DNA sequence up to 900 bases in length. They will be supplied as image files that can be incorporated into teaching materials. Please get in touch via the CONTACT tab to request chromatograms.


A real DNA sequencing chromatogram


A Dan's DNA synthetic DNA sequencing chromatogram for use in teaching

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