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Now I know my ACGT...

Next time won't you sequence with me!

This design was inspired both by the children's alphabet learning song "Now I know my ABC" and also my students studying "Genes, Genomes and Genetics", who have been learning both the language of DNA - their "ACGT" and also how we sequence DNA using the Sanger method. At the beginning of semester I tell the students that they will be learning a new language - this is the language of DNA - firstly how the DNA code is transcribed into RNA and then how it is translated into the very different language of amino acids and proteins. At the end of semester in 2019 I awarded a t-shirt and mug featuring this design to 2 students who correctly interpreted Sanger DNA sequencing chromatograms, identifying the sequence changes at both the DNA and protein level, proving that they have got the hang of the new language and now know their ACGT!!

The design contains the entire alphabet (albeit modified slightly according to Dan's DNA) translated from a Sanger DNA sequencing chromatogram. This is just one of countless ways you can spell the alphabet in DNA and forms the basis for all of the Dan's DNA Sangerism designs. See here for details of the Dan's DNA alphabet.

You can purchase this design from Spreadshirt in a variety of formats using the links below.

Spreadshirt (N. America, Australia)

Spreadshirt (Europe)

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