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Custom SangerArt

How can I get a customised SangerArtwork?

Is there a particular DNA sequence that really means something to you, or to a family member, a friend or a colleague? Perhaps your health is affected by a particular genetic variant or maybe you have a colleague nearing retirement who has spent their life researching a particular gene. There could be many reasons why you may want to gift someone a customised piece of SangerArt. Creating SangerArt is a matter of deciding on the DNA sequence to use and the image to combine it with, plus a bit of artist magic to bring it all together.

If you are interested in getting a custom SangerArtwork then please read on and request one through the CONTACT form.

When you order a custom SangerArtwork it will be sent to you as a high resolution PNG image file. The image will have a transparent background and is suitable for high resolution printing.


Purchase of a Dan's DNA artwork includes permission to print the design on up to 5 products. If you would like to print the design on more products then please mention this when you request your design and we will be able to negotiate a price.


Making a SangerArtwork requires careful research into the DNA sequence to be used, download of the relevant sequences, creation of chromatograms, manipulation of images and a considerable amount of artist input into creating the final image. Therefore, the cost of the final digital images, which are supplied as PNG files is variable. In general the cost starts from around AU$100 for an 8000 base pair chromatogram image similar to the SangerArtworks available through the ART tab and the customised SangerArt you can see above that features a turtle. 

A note about images and copyright: When you supply an image for a SangerArtwork please make sure that you either own the copyright for the image or that you have permission from the copyright owner to use the image in the artwork. In general, the copyright owner is usually the creator of the image or the person who took the photograph. In most countries the copyright term lasts for the creator's life plus 70 years. So for very old photographs the images are no longer under copyright, are considered to be in the public domain and can be used freely.

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