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Lost in translation


This is one of the original Dan's DNA designs and still one of my favourites. "Lost in translation" is a play on words. Those who know a bit about the genetic code will know that there is no amino acid that is represented by the letter O. Hence it is not possible to encode the letter O in a DNA sequence. In this design I have used stop codons where the Os would be. In the genetic code stop codons are represented by asterisks (*) or Xs. Hence the DNA sequence in this design is translated into "L*ST IN TRANSLATI*N". As there are stop codons present in this DNA sequence it could never actually be translated into a protein. Hence this DNA sequence really is lost in translation!

You can purchase this design from both Spreadshirt or Society6 in a variety of formats using the links below.

Spreadshirt (N. America, Australia)

Spreadshirt (Europe)


Lost in translation_square_1000px.jpg
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