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Learn more about the different styles of Dan's DNA design here or browse through the images below and click on them to find out more about each design and where you can get one.


Dan's DNA designs

Most of Dan's DNA designs are what I call "Sangerism" designs. They incorporate Sanger DNA sequencing chromatograms that when translated using the genetic code spell out clever words or phrases. You can have a lot of fun explaining the messages in these "nerdy" designs to your friends and family, while also teaching them a thing or two about genetics and all things DNA. They are designed to be printed on to T-shirts, mugs and all sorts of other products. Most of them are available through Spreadshirt and/or Society6. If you click on the images below you will find more details about the designs and where you can purchase them.

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Customised designs

The Sangerism designs lend themselves perfectly to personalisation or customisation. I can create customised chromatograms to any sequence. You too could have your name or any other words or short phrases encoded in DNA and printed on a T-shirt, mug or anything else for that matter. If you are interested in getting a customised Sangerism design then click here for more details on how to get one.

Gene-specific designs

Perhaps you have a genetic disease or just know that you carry a particular genetic variant in your DNA, or perhaps you are researching into a particular gene or genetic disease. Either way you might be interested in a gene-specific Dan's DNA design. These incorporate "real" DNA sequences and can highlight particular genetic variants. The "I have iron genes!! - HFE C282Y" design is an example of a gene-specific design. It depicts the single base change in the HFE gene that results in the p.C282Y mutation, the cause of one of the most common genetic diseases, the iron overload condition Hereditary Haemochromatosis. If you are interested in showing off your genetic variation or just love a particular gene then maybe a customised gene-specific design is the thing for you. Click here for more details on how to get one.

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